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Things to Know Before You Get Into Graphic Designing

Do you want to start as a Graphic Designer ?

Do you want to become a Professional Graphic Designer ?

Do you also get attracted to the Advertisements, Hoardings, Packaging, Online Posts, etc. while in a Market or Surfing Online?

In Today’s World, “if it looks good, it works Good” so whatever business you be in, The most important goal is to get more customers and have high profit, it can be possible because of visual designs.

If you think, You are Creative, Innovative, have a Good sense of color, and a Good learner then this field is all yours, you can master this and be an expert.

So before we dive into the tips, I will like to tell you a bit about the Graphic Designer role involves :

A Graphic Designer is a  person who creates a visual design to sell a product, Advertise a Business, Promote a Brand, or flow a Message. These Visual Designs Can be Anything like Online Promotional Posts, Product Packaging, Logo for Business Identity, and Much More.

Here are 5 Quick Pointers on how to start as a Graphic Designer –

steps to start as a graphic designer
steps to start as a graphic designer

#1 Don’t be Afraid to Start :

If you want to learn Graphic Designing, don’t be afraid to start you might have several questions that how to start?  How to gain knowledge about graphics? How to use the software?  Tools are tough to learn? Leaving all these questions behind All you have to do is just think of what type of graphic designing you want to pursue as a Profession, understand your zeal towards Graphics,  Be Confident and put up your Best Efforts to be a Professional Graphic Designer.

#2 Research Pretty Well :

Always put in practice to research if you really want to learn something in this field. Graphics is all about creative ideas and how you put up those ideas as design. Either you search on google, subscribe free courses online or offline to take proper guidance, or learn from youtube tutorials. You have different platforms to learn and understand what actually graphics means.

#3 Learn about your Software’s :

Knowing your Softwares is the most important part of graphics designing. It is a prior question that what actually you want to do. Either you want to start from scratch or want to do some editing and manipulation. Understand the usage and needs of Different Softwares as every Graphic software has its own role in the design.

These are some basic software to start as a Graphic Designer –

  •  Photoshop

It is the most useful and popular software not only for Graphic Designers but for other creative artists too. This software belongs to Adobe Creative Cloud family and is a raster software used for editing and manipulating images. you can also create gifs, do abstract creations, and many more wonders in this software. Adobe Photoshop is a backbone Software for graphics as it has a lot more to do with other than just manipulation. It is the most favorite software among the present designers.

  • Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is a software used for creating scratch illustrations and vector designs. It is also known as Vector-based Software. Vector Designer’s first preference is illustrator software for years. This software also belongs to the Adobe Creative Cloud family and has several tools to learn.

#4 Practice More :

The Harder you Practice, The Brighter You Shine.

Just jump to your software’s screen and start trying new things, think of the tools you can use for some new designs. The more you practice, the more you’ll shape your career in the field of graphics. Pick up some projects, work as a Freelancer, create your amazing portfolio showcasing your talent, get trained through internships, apply for a job and you’ll just keep on growing as a visual designer.

#5 Accept Criticism :

Understand the fact that, whatever you have designed is may be beautiful in your perspective but not for the person looking at it. Never take criticism personally rather take it as Constructive Criticism. This will help you in improving your designs as well as change your perspective towards your designs as a designer.

Be Open To Constructive Criticism From others, It’s the only way You can Learn and Grow.

Brian Tracy

Always Love what you do and what you Design but never get emotionally attached to your designs. Always welcome feedback, whether they are from clients, friends, or anybody else because in the end, whatever trends, is what people like.

Conclusion :

These were some fundamental but prime steps a beginner should Acknowledge before starting a career in Graphics. But Further, you need to sharpen your skills, Get Certified, earn Experience to establish yourself in the Industry. So, are you ready to take that risk?

PS: If you liked this blog post, then don’t forget to comment and share. I’ll be bringing on some more facts and knowledgable material about graphic designers, graphics, Softwares, tutorials and much more. You can know more About Me and read my other blogs too. Till then “Be Creative and Keep Learning.”

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