Indian Graphic Designers on Instagram You Should Follow in 2020

Nowadays, Instagram has become a Daily Newspaper for people surfing online. People are more digitally connected than in person. Instagram is a Favourite social Media Platform for its users from a couple of years now. It has its own journey from a platform used for sharing photos or videos to an immeasurable creative tool.

People use Instagram for showcasing their fun-go-crazy life and now for their work promotions, portfolios, customer interaction, and many more. Instagram is a space where we get attracted to the visuals that flow throughout our feeds, which is all possible by the visual designers working for the branding of business.

Since the Covid-19 outbreak, Every Business is going Digital. But the most important part of the Digital Marketers Team is a Graphic Designer who creates an impact on the customer and makes them understand what is the business all about.

As our Respected Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi spoke about how we should Support Small Business. How we should Give a Shout out to VOCAL FOR LOCAL and how we should become AATMNIRBHAR. so, here is my blog giving a shout out to our Indian Graphic Designers On Instagram for Being ARTNIBHAR and keeping their consistency to showcase the art and talent of our country.

21 Feeds of Indian Graphic Designers on Instagram you shouldn’t miss!

P.S. The list goes in no order. All of them have different talents and different things to offer. You can Go through each one’s profile and get awestruck !!!

#1 kamala Nair

Kamala Nair, An Architect and an Illustrator from Bangalore. She grew up in Kerala, A land of green. However, most of her work is highly inspired by her beautiful childhood days and her love for nature. The more she got into this field, the more she felt like Home. “When you do something you love and you’re passionate about it, the rest of the things falls into place” – she says.

Kamala has published almost 10 Small Children’s Books for a Toy Company. She started uploading her works on her feed on kamala_nair and people slowly started noticing her work. She took up freelance projects on the side.

Kamala did her First International book “Super Farty Pants” with Paul Wennesberg and now they are heading to create its sequel. She is a proud author and Illustrator of her First Debut Book “We did it together” which takes a refreshing perspective on the current global Pandemic, kids and adults can cope with the situation. Follow Kamala on Instagram.

#2 Husain Raj

Husain Raj is a Udaipur (Rajasthan) based Graphic Designer and a Branding Consultant. He has 7+ years of experience and Achieved many Happy and Satisfied Clients. His Instagram Handle kun.designing offers Tutorials, Tips, and Tricks on Designing.

He says – “Inspiration comes from creativity“. Therefore, he suggests everyone creates at least one design a day and keep themselves updated with the latest design trends.

“Everyone needs Inspiration for their Artwork”. People following him are getting some Fresh Content and easy hacks which keep them stick to his account. So, What are You waiting for?

#3 Ayush and Shiv

Ayush and Shiv are a self-taught duo from Jaipur, Rajasthan and have an experience of a year in the field of Graphics. Their Instagram Account creatorspark features various Tutorials, Resources, Information about Graphics as well as Digital Marketing through Carousel Images and Videos.

If you want to get your hands well on Adobe Softwares like Photoshop, Illustrator, etc. then You should follow them and have a look at their short and easy tutorials. As in result, you can Learn and Improve your Designs.

#4 SPG

SPG hail from Trissur and settled at Cochin, Kerala. He is a Freelance Logo Designer and a Father. The main reason why he resorted to freelancing is that he gets ample time to spend with my family and can see my now 2-year-old daughter, grow up. 

He has experience of more than 10 Years in the field of Designing and is Specialized in delivering Branding projects and handles Illustration and Website designing projects. To help out aspiring designers, He has recently started an Initiative of making short design-related tutorial videos.
He was recognized in several write-ups creativegaga, boredpanda, designtaxi, and many more.

“If you are doing something, Do it with the quality or don’t do it! “ – He Says. SPG’s Feed is full of Inspiration, You can have an insight on shibupg.

#5 Sandeep

Sandeep from Punjab teaches Photoshop, Illustrator, and other tips techniques related to graphics through his Instagram Space sandeepdelineates. It is his passion from childhood as he used to play with shapes and colors in his school time.

From 2012-2015, He did freelancing while learning and then gather experience professionally with companies. He offers all kinds of Graphic services especially branding, UI Designing. His feed is Informative and easy to learn from. You should have a look.

#6 Ninad

Ninad, an Indian Graphic Designer on Instagram from Gujarat. He was an architecture student before he joined the field of graphic design. He was attracted to graphics from childhood as he used to paint and make illustrations dropped architecture.

He joined a Fine Arts College to become a Graphic Designer. He is working as a Freelancer for the past 2 Years focusing on Logo Designing. He shares Informative Tutorials related to Logos. To make it easier for his Followers, He uploads process videos on his Instagram account ninad_designs . His feed is full of Inspiration for Logo Designers, you should go and follow him right now.

#7 Ravan

With his Unique Name, he is a unique personality too. Ravan a Bikaner (Rajasthan) Based Freelance Graphic Designer, Motorcyclist, Photographer, Film-Maker, and whatnot.

His Instagram Feed the_man_with_enfield is a Well Maintained Grid feed full of Beautiful Captures showcasing the culture and depth of the city. Most of his Designs and Editings are based on his own Portraits. He is a Man of Experiments, Follows the trend in his own way, and offers a different Perception.

He got his First Inspiration from a Bollywood Movie Poster “Humshaqals” which shows three people with three different poses. He created the first Manipulation of his own Picture with a different pose on PICSART (a Mobile Application). He was amazed by people’s Photoshop Work and want to do the best he can do in this field.

He started his career in 2014 as a Freelancer and Recently Designing for Big Events of his city like Bikaner Dog Show and Bikaner Theatre Festival. He is working with other clients, throughout the country.

“I have my different world of creation, designing is all about perceptions. For me, Design is the fuel for your Ideas. So people must look into themselves, their creative head, their perception, their imagination” – He says.

#8 Anirudh Sharma

Anirudh Sharma, A Engineering Student and a Freelance Graphic Designer from Jaipur (Rajasthan). He started his journey two years back when he was in his initial year of graduation. He somehow encountered a creative social media campaigns and was influenced by the campaign artwork as it was expressing the Actual Base Idea.

He found it so fascinating and started learning Photoshop and Graphic Designing. The thing he loves the most about this field is Digital Art. To showcase his skills to the world out of his laptop he started a page as a Graphic Designer on Instagram aniruddh_visuals, over the past two years he has been practicing, and people started liking his content as he improved and has about 3k followers, he is working on freelance projects for the last one and a half year.

He offers Photoshop arts, motion graphics, and video edits. He posts Speed Arts and tutorials for his designs. Every art has something hidden in it. Videos explain the Dedication, Hard Work, and Passion for your work through tutorials. He is sharing his knowledge with others to multiply. You should follow him for some amazing lessons.

Graphic Design can save the world by expressing ideas in the best way so don’t just consume on social media, give your part too – He says.

#9 Sanjith

Sanjith from Coimbatore, Designs T-shirts and Banners for his Family Clothing Business from the past three years and that’s how his journey started.
He holds an experience of three years in practicing Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

He offers Carousels, Content creation, and Poster designs for other business pages. He wants to inspire people through his work on Instagram and other social media platforms.

He teaches his followers how to create design through the workflow process. You can Find Minimal Designs with a maintained colorful Grid on his account. Go, learn, and create with him and follow this talented Indian graphic designer on Instagram sanjithbuddy now.

#10 Kanhaiya Sharma

Kanhaiya Sharma is a Freelance Logo and UI/UX Designer from New Delhi and has a Diploma in Designing. He has more than four years of experience and worked as a web developer and a senior Designer.

With his Instagram handle ikanhaiyasharma, he tries to showcase his work process to beginner designers and students. He posts an exploration that he feels a good fit for clients. Also, he does a QnA session for students or be available for them if they have any doubts.

He is a Top Writer in Design on Medium with more than 200K+ views, A featured Logo designer on Under consideration design Blog and Helped Raised Startups Millions. His Articles got translated in Different languages in Chinese & Russian.

“A logo should not only present a Business Service but also business ethics or missions as a core element in Brand Development. This thing is lacking in Designing Industry of our Country “ -He says.

#11 Nalaprasad.D

Nalaprasad.D is one of the best Indian logo and Identity Designer on Instagram from Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. He started his career in this field as a self-learner and he is one of the specialists in the field of logo design. He is dealing with big clients worldwide.

He has the best designing experience and presenting identity to Brands through his Designs. He tries to make his profile minimal and clear for clients and visitors. He has designed Logo Designs for every business field and is serving his creativity throughout the world.

This Amazingly Talented Designer displays the power of uniqueness in the designing industry. He maintains his feed on Instagram with some stunning creative logos. You should follow him on Instagram @nalaprasad_designs and I bet you can’t resist yourself by scrolling his profile.

#12 Ambani n.s.k

Ambani.n.s.k is an Illustration Artist from Tamil Nadu. He started when he was in 10th grade and used to draw & design on his mobile phone. Few people started liking his work and then in his interest and passion, he got into this field and now he loves his job.

He has three years of experience in this field. He has designed logos for many companies, startups, and YouTube channels. He owns his Design studio @pandadesignfactory where he and his team offers logo designs, Pamphlet designs, Title design, Business card design, T-shirt design, and much more.

He is an Art Influencer on Instagram. His Account ambani.dfx has Beautiful Illustrations with a strong color theme. You should check his profile for his wonderful collection of Art and Appreciate him by Following him.

#13 Anshal Kumar Singh

Among all Indian Graphic Designers on Instagram, Anshal Kumar Singh from Varanasi has his own style of work. A year ago, He was Interested in front-end development and created a website for himself. He needed a logo for his website which landed him on photoshop and now he is here.

He has one year of experience in Graphic Designing. You can have a look at his work on his Instagram account anshal.artvalley. He offers Portrait Editing, Background Editing, Object Editing, Picture Restoration, Color Restoration, Poster Designs, Object/Nature Photography Editing, Animated Instagram story designs, Business/Visiting cards, etc. except logo designing on-demand with a good budget and time.

A great Imagination power is a sign of Intelligence. Being an Artist, he says – “You should know that what you are doing is worthy. Build a Hobby or Passion which can at least earn you some money. Never do something which gets you in debt”.

#14 Arindam Paul paularindam_

Arindam Paul from Kolkata is mainly a Logo Designer on Instagram and has an experience of three years in designing. As other Indian Graphic Designers on Instagram, he also maintains his work on his profile paularindam_ which shows how he plays with shapes and texts.

He offers Logo designing and branding services. Similarly, he tries to create and put out his work which can be a source of inspiration for the community. He wishes to expand more on typography at the moment and later on, on UI and UX design.

He has been featured on thefutur once, as an entry for a logo critique. Above all, he wishes to inspire people the same way he got inspired by other people’s work. And want to generate more ideas and help people being more creative.

#15 Ankush Mukherjee

Ankush Mukherjee from Kolkata (West Bengal) is a Multi-Faceted Designer with an experience of 4 years in designing. His Instagram Feed _extroo is like a record/journal of his journey in graphic design. Which will blow your mind, you should surely have a look.

He has received recognition in the Design Community around the world. His goal is to inspire people in the field of designing as others have inspired him. Ankush wants to show people how anyone can be a designer if they put some effort into it and can bring a change in the world through their designs.

#16 Vimal Krishnattri

Vimal Krishnattri from Mohali is a Mechanical Engineer and was trying to get into product design at the time of his graduation. He started doing freelancing without any professional course while preparing for his masters, where he usually got Graphic Design work rather than Product Design work. Later on, He got an internship as a Graphic Designer.

Vimal has experience of Two Years and offers his Design Services for Start-ups, Small Businesses via his Instagram artloverjv. For new designers trying to get into Graphic Design, he offers tips, Tutorials, and Other Informational stuff through a themed Carousels. He says – ‘if I can do it, Anybody can. This is Why my tagline is “Anybody Can Design”‘.

He had trouble finding a single channel or place for everything Graphic Design when I was beginning. He had to gather information from all around. His Instagram Page aims to solve that exact problem for new people trying to learn Designing.

He delivers a post every week about Motivation, Resources, Tutorials, and a series called “Behind The Design” where he talks about famous Designers and their Designs. Other than that, you can get all the related pieces of information in his highlights and stories of Instagram.

I strongly believe, This man can be a problem solver for a lot of new learners. You should go and follow him. His feed is the most informative collection he managed to put out together. You can get anything and everything on his profile.

#17 Vedika khurana_

Vedika Khurana, a New Delhi based Indian Graphic Designer on Instagram started working in this field since 2018 and initiated the photoshopuniverse_ page on Instagram in October.

She offers Wallpapers, Logos, Brochures, Banner, Social Media Posts, etc. She started creating Image Manipulations inspiring from Youtube Channels of some Amazing Designers. Her work is not based on any particular theme but she just creates what comes in her mind.

#18 Anupama Kashyap

Anupama Kashyap from New Delhi is a professional Fashion Graphic Designer and Illustrator. She started the art.deejee art page as a hobby, also to see the response of the audience on her work so that she can learn and improve to come up with new ideas. She has tried many things, she likes to do. Making different Illustrations eventually helped her in improving her drawing & painting skills.

The story behind some of her recent Illustrations is that she loves the way how women embrace themselves despite their different features. They appreciate each other which motivates her to draw different women with different features. So people should also get motivated and start appreciating themselves and each other too.

Also, she loves Indian outfits, accessories, prints, vibrant colors. With all these things, she creates a concept of Illustration. She is the perfect example of Indian Graphic Designers on Instagram. You can see some Illustration on her feed to get the idea. Follow Anupama On Instagram

#19 Prahallad Suthar

Prahallad Suthar a Bikaner, Rajasthan based Freelancer used to edit for fun but then he thought to display his work on some platform and he joined Instagram for it. He has a Page p15creation and this is where the magic started.

He has experience of around two years. He creates artwork with a particular concept space-related art that people can connect. His space art deals with sci-fi stuff and visual artwork. His feed is actually showcasing that sky is the limit if you have talent. His idea of designing is Imagination creates Reality. Follow Prahallad on Instagram for more inspiring and sky based artwork.

#20 Siddhesh katkar

Siddhesh katkar an Indian Graphic Designer on Instagram from Pune, Maharashtra. He has always been Fascinated about photoshop and creating whatever he likes, it may be some characters, some of his favorite scenes from movies he adores, or his thoughts. He just loves the idea of creating something out of nothing by blending and compositing images.

Siddhesh has experience of 2 years. He loves to experiment with different stuff, like a social issue or something in trend. He has achieved over Ten thousand followers in just a year. He has been featured more than Three times by Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Pages.

He got appreciated by many creators telling him that he inspires them. He says that it’s truly amazing that people get inspired by him. He just tries to create something interesting every day. Maybe, it’s just the power of the Internet.

He thinks, if people like what he does for a living, want to support, and enjoy the work. Then, they can hit the follow button. He doesn’t follow any specific theme but mostly, he loves to create space-related designs. Follow sidomatic_ on Instagram.

#21 Ayan khan

Ayan Khan who is a self-taught photoshop Concept artist from Gujarat, India. He started practicing photoshop when he watched a random video on YouTube about photo Manipulation at that time and decided to go on the top of this field and make his own name and reputation.

He has more than one year of experience in this field making conceptual, fantasy, character-based artworks. His Instagram account @visualsofayan is for those who are art lovers. For him, the audience is everything.

You can find artworks about his personal feelings or what is happening in the world. He sometimes designs Movie characters as per the requests of his audience.
He Won the benny 100k competition in which he got 19th position from top 20 and there were 376 valid submissions.

He won a competition of a feature account on a topic SciFi and technology defeated a lot of artists from different countries and achieved the first place. After lots of practice, he found his own style. Every time he makes his new creation by challenging himself to use a single color, people started recognizing him with this style.

You should follow Ayan, an Indian graphic designer on Instagram if you are an art lover who likes to see mind blowing concepts with a single color. He is a Photoshop Magician.

#22 Deepak Kumar Sharma

Deepak Kumar Sharma is a Loni Ghaziabad U.P. based Graphic Designer. In 2010, he studied Animation Star Program and then did a job in 3d field. After 6 Months he skips the job and Creates movies from 2D to 3D.

He has 9 Years of experience in Graphic design. His aim is to make INDIA creative with his knowledge and experience, also he wants to provide all the free resources which a newbie not able to find on the internet.

Deepak inspires people with his skills in designing. He tries to present new and skillful designs that never share by anyone on this platform. “If someone needs something valuable and you are able to find that value in my posts & content, then definitely you should follow me.” – He says.

Follow Deepak on Instagram i.designguru. He is another gem as an Indian Graphic Designer on Instagram you should follow for free resources, tutorials, and much more with a well-maintained carousel grid.

Conclusion :

Well, this was my handpicked selection of the 22 talented Indian Graphic designers on Instagram you should follow. All of them have their unique style, which you can learn by looking through their profiles. Get inspired and enjoy the view!


My tribute to all the Indian Designers #VOCALFORLOCAL.

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